5 Ongoing Trends for Mobile Marketers

Thank God I attended Mobile Marketing Association Forum (MMAF) 2016 this Thursday (22 Sep). So many great speakers with interesting facts, stunning insight, and provoking questions. Basically the conference shared positive optimism regarding mobile advertising, plus several ongoing trends and study case.

MMAF 2016 at Jakarta
MMAF 2016 at Jakarta

From all of well known speakers (from agency, brand, publisher, and researcher) there are several key point that we must note. I tried to connect all of them into 5 ongoing trend:

#1 Going mobile is inevitable, like it or not, we must be ready!

The trend is unavoidable regardless of your industry. From telco, travel, e-commerce, fashion, to toiletries. Whatever your product is, our consumer will go mobile. And Indonesian mobile user number is growing, significantly. From around 70 mio smartphone user into approximately 150-180 mio by 2025.

Do you believe that we look at our mobile device for 150 times per day? How long do you spend staring at your mobile device to read news, watch video, or gossip about your boss with other colleagues? Even mobile consumption has surpassed TV for certain audience and become the prime screen, not just complimentary one. So, get ready for it.

#2 Mobile is personal device, give them personal touch

It’s really personal, and we never share our mobile device! They key is 3 P: present, personal, persuasive. The beauty of mobile, you could speak different message to different audience. Special advantage compare with TV or newspaper where we broadcast uni message to mass audience.

If we are e-commerce market place, we could do targeting and differentiate our offer based on audience. Showing dress for woman, shaver for man, games for teenager, or glasses for granny. Good bye one for all, and all for one communication!.

#3 Keep up with new cool things but always remember old thing

Innovation came and go. From augmented reality, virtual reality, social chat platform till voice search option. We must keep open and do innovation to keep pace with latest trend and technology. Sometimes there are “innovator dilemmas” where we want to adopt new technology but the market or infrastructure is not ready yet.

One of cool startup who want to implement IOT (internet of things) in agribusiness is E-fishery. They create machine to feed fish automatically and cant be controlled by farmer mobile phone. The biggest obstacle? Not all farmer familar with smartphone and technology. It needs time to makes them understand the benefit of it.

New cool things come and go, but the old question still the same: “Does it help our customer life?”

#4 Mobile data behavior give us insight, crack something from it

Mobile data give us data that can’t be provided by desktop like mobility or people movement. There are a lot of brand that already used it. For example AirAsia always targeting their audience based on location or travelling behavior in the past couple of months. If you have been roaming with your mobile phone, your probability to get expose by international routes ads will be higher than domestic routes.

#5 At the end mobile is just a medium

Consumer need story, not just product. Our job as marketers (or agency, or publisher) is to create value added for our market using any kind of technology that we have. We could create mobile site or fancy apps, but it must answer simple question:

“What is the value for me as customer?”

I love the example for ‘Berbagi Sehat’ app from Lifebuoy. They basically a soap brand, but they move from functional aspect like anti bacteria into more noble value which concern most of mom: how to have healthy family? With ‘Berbagi Sehat’ app we could track health status and have early diagnoze symptom with quite informative description. The goal is simply to protect our most prestigious assets: our kids.


So, in general let me use 4 blockers to simplify and get better understanding (thanks to @HandryGE who share this tools! Now I know why GE could discuss and make decision for 12 topics in just 1 hour!).

Share any thought if you reading this via mobile 🙂

PS: please correct my grammar, I want to improve my IELTS!




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