Secret of getting India Visa in Just One Day

My friend asked me how to get India visa in one day only. Yes, believe it or not: One day visa application process.

Normally, you need 4 days to a week for this process. The application is made using two options available: online or offline.

If you have a credit card and too lazy to move your ass (or living outside of Jakarta), it’s better to apply it online. Just access this link, fill the form, and you will receive E-visa in a week. No need to come to embassy for interview session (finger print scanning actually..).

If you need faster processing time, offline process is the answer. Just visit Indian Embassy in Kuningan area in Jakarta, near of Singapore and Nederland embassy.

In front of Taj Mahal gate

The application time open from 9 – 12 AM, Monday to Friday. After clearing security check in the front line, we must queue to submit our application file. What kind of file? It depends on your visa type. The list is here. After you fill it, just print and bring the other supporting documents.

Getting India visa is not difficult. They are not like US who screen foreigner strictly.

So, what is the secret to get one day visa process?

Based on my personal experience, it’s a little bit dramatic. I applied India visa around May 2017.So basically I was having late visa submission, thanks to public holiday and complicated process in booking flight plus hotel. I submitted my application just one day before the flight date! (I flew AirAsia of course hehehe)

I was so surprised when the officer said:

“Your visa will be ready in 3 days. No excuse.”

For successful application, you need two things:

#1 Strong reason

I said to the officer that I got urgent meeting and just received invitation a couple days ago. Do you think it works? NOPE! He rejected my visa and asked me to come back in the next 3 days!

The Indian officer questioned me, “Why do you submit it today? You should submit it a couple days ago. Why do you apply for a tourist visa?”

Yes, I was using tourist visa to get cheaper visa fee. Knowing that I was talking with “Inspektur Vijay” type, I use the second strategy.

#2 Begging and praising

“Sir please sir, my flight is tomorrow..”

He nodded negatively.

“I really love your country and want to visit amazing Taj Mahal. I love India Sir!”

Surprisingly, it worked!

“Okay I give you one entry business visa”.

Alhamdulilah it works! Hahaha…

Even I have to pay around 1,6 mio IDR, I don’t have to remove my flight and re-arrange hotel booking. Thanks to sense of urgency and little bit complimentary.

The lesson: create justification if you need special treatment, and always use little psychological trick called praising. It can move people.

So, when will you visit India? You can check my India stories here.




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