Be Aware of “Event Bait” from Lazada!


In digital world, there is word called “click bait”. It’s a term where someone uses interesting fake image or hyperbolic title just to allure people to click. For example: using sexy girl image in video containing grave punishment (siksa kubur). Kaskus give it cool nickname: jebakan betman, Batman trap.

My own experience is more than click bait. It’s even worse: event bait. It was started when I saw an event in Eventbrite platform: Lazada Marketing Solution launch. Since I’m looking for alternative advertising platform beside of Google and Facebook, I keen to join the event.

So I signed up and received confirmation from Eventbrite. I also received reminder one day before event. Everything is normal and I can’t smell something fishy.

Event Bait

On the event day, since the invitation is 12:00 AM I arrived around 12:05 AM. I was fasting (it was Thursday) and didn’t think to get some “free lunch”. I just want to register, sholat, and join the party to fulfill my curiosity.

I was shocked when I was rejected in the registration booth! My ticket is not valid! I already told the committee that I’m from client side and looking for media to invest. One of the committee said:

“It’s not for public, only for invited partner”.

So what about my ticket from Eventbrite?

“It’s only for awareness”.

Awareness your bald head! (Awareness gundulmu!).

I already allocated my time and came to the event. What an unprofessional event management! They created “fake event” just get CRM data and spread the news into event community and never think that actual people will come to the venue!

Fake Invitation, Fake Price

Creating “Click bait” is not recommended since it will reduce your quality score (scoring by Google to calculate your ads relevancy with landing page content). Suddenly my credit score for Lazada dilapidated.

Previously I like this e-commerce. I bought power bank to gaming Laptop from them. It was history, from now I will not open their apps, ads, website, or buy anything from them in the next 3 months. I’m realistic online shopper who is still needs this site. Promising to boycott for the rest of my life is impossible things to do.

I also realized that this is not their first “fake”. Netizen was shocked when they had “fake discount” during online shopping day.

Hyperbolic disount

I’ve contacted organizer via email, Eventbrite, and twitter. Their response is standard.

The lesson, please be honest. If it’s exclusive, write it down. Spreading your event using fake invitation is one of the cruelest things that I’ve ever imagined.




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