Honesty Lesson from a Badui


For those who are honest to Allah, He will be honest with his creature. It means Allah will help them, simplify their business, grant their wishes, and fulfill their needs. One of an example of honesty to Allah is a story from Imam an Nasa’I. It’s a story about a “Badui” (people who live in rural area), who converted to Islam with pure faith and divine motivation.

Imam an-Nasa’I quoted from Syaddad bin al-Had.

There was a Badui who met the Prophet after joining Islam. The Badui’s said: “I will be hijrah (move from Mecca to Madina) with you”.

During the period of wars with kafir people at that time, the Badui participated in one of it. After war, usually Muslims will gain ghanimah, means assets acquired from wars. The Prophet will distribute the ghanimah for those who joined.

The Badui’s also received ghanimah. Surprisingly, he asked:

“What is this?”

His muslim brother said, “Your ghanimah, The Prophet gave it to you”.

So he came to Muhammad the Prophets and asked: “What is this?”

Muhammad the Prophets said, “Yours”.

The Badui’s replied,

“This is not my motivation. I followed you because I want an arrow stabbed my neck – he pointed his own – so I could die in sahid way and go to heaven”.

Rasul said,

“In tashduqillaha yashduqka. If you are honest with Allah, Allah will be honest with you”.

After that there was another war, and the Badui’s died after fought with enemy. Surprisingly, an arrow stabbed his neck.

The prophet asked, “Is this the Badui’s before?”

People replied, “Yes”.

Rasul said,

“He has been honest with Allah so Allah granted his wish”. Then he used his cloak as kafan, did a prayer (shalat), and prayed for him:

“Allahumma hadza abduka, kharaja muhajirin fi sabilika fa qutila syahidan, ana syahidun ala dzalika. Ya Allah, this is your servant. He went as the one who hijrah in your path, and he died as syahid. I’m the witness”.

Are we honest with our own motivation to Allah?



Ibnu Abdil Bari. 2016. Air Minum dari Langit.  Tirta Medina Solo




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