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Be Aware of “Event Bait” from Lazada!


In digital world, there is word called “click bait”. It’s a term where someone uses interesting fake image or hyperbolic title just to allure people to click. For example: using sexy girl image in video containing grave punishment (siksa kubur). Kaskus give it cool nickname: jebakan betman, Batman trap.

My own experience is more than click bait. It’s even worse: event bait. It was started when I saw an event in Eventbrite platform: Lazada Marketing Solution launch. Since I’m looking for alternative advertising platform beside of Google and Facebook, I keen to join the event.

So I signed up and received confirmation from Eventbrite. I also received reminder one day before event. Everything is normal and I can’t smell something fishy.

Event Bait

On the event day, since the invitation is 12:00 AM I arrived around 12:05 AM. I was fasting (it was Thursday) and didn’t think to get some “free lunch”. I just want to register, sholat, and join the party to fulfill my curiosity.

I was shocked when I was rejected in the registration booth! Continue reading Be Aware of “Event Bait” from Lazada!