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5 Preparation on Becoming Dad

Next month will be one of the biggest day in my life: I will be a Dad!

Yeay!!! Pipi Kentang (my wife nickname) is estimated to give birth in mid of September. Since it’s only a forecast, the date can be faster or be delayed. Safe margin is in 2 weeks, if till the end of September there is no symptoms of giving birth (contraction and other symptoms), she needs to have medical operation.

Becoming Dad is not easy. After I researched and interviewed a lot of Dad, at least there are 5 preparations to become successful father.

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#1 Knowledge preparations

One of the basic but most important thing is, most of us don’t know how to become a Dad! They don’t know about birth process and how to help their struggling wife. Knowledge plays significant role to guide us on which action we must take at a certain situations. Do we need operation? How to calm down your wife? What if your baby’s position is in occiput posterior?

How to get the knowledge? Just like RPG game, we can gain it in 3 simple ways:

  • Reading (book, internet, blog, etc.)
  • Talking to others (ask doctor, family, friend)
  • Practicing (walk the talk, try every knowledge that we know)

#2 Emotional preparations

Believe me, birth process is a little bit stressful. There are so many things to be managed and some negative anxiety sometimes comes up in our mind. The key is: keep cool, calm, and confident! Birth process is a natural phenomenon. It exists since mankind can reproduce. Just let it flow and enjoy the process. We must assure that our wife is relaxing and always supporting her during this tough time.

#3 Financial preparations

How much does it cost? Believe me, it’s not cheap. In Jakarta, the minimum cost is 1000 dollars and can increase up to 5000 dollars if medical operation is needed. So, stop hanging out in café and prepare your piggy bank account from now on.

#4 Physical preparations

Physical aspect is not just needed for our wife who gives birth. Each upcoming Dad also needs a fit physical condition since they he must stand by in hospital, assist, and wait for the entire period. Exhausted body can be a bad influence in our decision making. So, start exercise and have a good rest.

#5 Spiritual preparations

Last and one of the most important aspects is: spiritual assets. In my religion, life and death is “God’s business”. All we can do is trying our best and He will do the rest. Praying, giving charity, or doing any religious activity will help us to strive welcoming this new baby boy.

So, have you prepared those 5 aspects? If you are still single, better to prepare from now. If you were an “upcoming Dad” in the next couple of months, congratulations dude! You have so much homework to do! Good luck.